How to use muriatic acid for your pool

Owning a pool isn’t only for family fun, it can likewise be utilized as an exercise point or as a method to complete the design of your home! It’s an incredible expansion to any home, but just like furniture, it will require cleaning and maintenance over time. One of the important things you have to is to keep the pH balance at the right dimension so you can have a joyous and enjoyable swim. You can find muriatic acid at online shops or close by but the most important question here is; how do you use it?
To assist you with the answer, we tell you the best way to decide the measure of muriatic acid required for your pool and how to use it.

What You Need to Add Muriatic Acid

While adding muriatic acid to your pool, you will require the following:
• Pool testing kit
• Safety wear
• Muriatic acid
• Bucket of clean water

How to Add Muriatic Acid

There are various elements that may influence your pool’s pH balance, for example, swimmer waste or different disinfectants and climate conditions around your area.
Too low pH will cause staining, metal corrosion, eye and skin irritation or chlorine loss. An excessive amount of pH will cause chlorine inefficiency, cloudy water, scaling as well as skin and eye irritation. In the event that you experience the ill effects of irritated eyes, it probably won’t be hydrochloric material, but the pH balance!
You will need to ensure that the pH levels stay as close as 7.5 pH, which is the base pH level. By adding muriatic acid in the right way, you can maintain the proper pH level of your pool.

1. Test Pool

Utilizing your pool testing kit, check the balance to check whether the pH balance is equal or requires more muriatic acid.

2. Prepare Acid

With the container of clean water, pour in the acid, around 1/10 of the measure of water you put aside. Be cautious while pouring the muriatic acid at Lowes.

3. Add Acid To Pool

Your pool’s filter must be turned on as you add the blend to the pool. Spread it uniformly around the entire pool, ensuring you reach all parts.

4. Maintain Balance

After around four hours, check the pH balance again to see whether it is now balanced. If not, include more acid.
In Conclusion
You don’t just need a pool cleaner to ensure your pool is pleasant for a swim. Muriatic acid is an imperative substance for your pool to remain ideal for swimming. Keeping the pH levels balanced will guarantee your wellbeing and that of your family and friends so do this the right way!
Ideally, this article on muriatic acid for your pool helped you turn out to be increasingly educated with what you have to do so as to maintain your pool’s pH levels. If you haven’t been using this method previously, this is probably the right time to give it a trial.
We would love to hear your thoughts on this article so do well to leave us a comment in the comments section below.

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Small Grow Tent Complete Kit: The Best Small Indoor Grow Tent

What is the solution for grower who want to grow their own plants at home but don’t have enough space for backyard garden? The best option is using grow tent kit to grow your plants indoor. Grow tent is the enclosure, optimal environment for healthy plant growth. Whether you have a limited space or want to grow marijuana with less effort, higher yield; a grow tent kit could satisfy you.

The first thing to consider before choosing a tent kit is how many space you have for the tent? There are a lot of grow tent size available for you to choose from, but if you have a tight space and looking for a small grow tent complete kit, this post is for you.

Top 10 Small Grow Tent Complete Kit

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#1 TopoLite 24″x24″x48″ Grow Tent Complete Kit Hydroponic Growing System

This product offers 300W LED grow light full spectrum. This means it can support your plant throughout their growth cycles from germination, seedling, vegetative, to flower. A heat dissipater has been added in to improve the durability and longevity of the system

The TopoLite grow tent room also comes with 4” filter combo, light hanging kits, a removable water-proof bottom tray, 2 nylon belts, and an instruction. Thanks to its 600D lightproof oxford cloth material, heavy duty zippers and double stitching, the tent will prevent and minimize the LED lights from leaking. Generally, with a reasonable price and all the equipment that the kit provides, this is the safe, reliable, and worthy grow tent kit to buy.

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#2 BloomGrow 24\’\’x24\’\’x48\’\’ Grow Tent Complete Kit

This tent kit also comes with full apectrum 300W LED Light Growing System that makes it easy to grow marijuana at every stage of growth. The outside layer of this tent is made of heavy-duty 600D lightproof Oxford fabric and the interior layer is a waterproof diamond mylar that is 96% reflective.

It is constructed of a robust frame with corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant plastic connections. It features 4” build-in fan filter ducting combo, ensure fresh air and well ventilation for the tent. This tent kit from BloomGrow can be a little bit more expensive than the previous options from TopoLite, but it comes with a lot of accessories such as digital hygrometer & thermometer, light hangers, 60mm shears, a timer, trellis netting.

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#3 CDMALL Small Grow Tent Room Complete Kit 16″x16″x48″

This is the tent kit for growers who are looking for small footprint tent. The tent dimensions 16” x 16” x 48”, this is the smallest option on the list and it can fit comfortably in any tight space. Not only compact, this tent kit is also very affordable will good construction. It is made of 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar for the inner layer and 600D lightproof oxford cloth for the outer layer. This is the same material with many other more higher cost options.

This grow tent kits comes with a variety features: 60mm bonsai shear, 24 hours timer, digital thermometer & hygrometer, trellis netting, rope hanger. It is also designed with multiple vent holes and carbon filter belts. However, the drawback is that you will have to buy a lighting system separately.

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#4 TnTants Grow Tent Kit – 24x24x55 inches Grow Tent Kit Complete

If you are looking for a tent kit with higher quality but still compactable, TnTants Grow Tent Kit is a good deal. I love the small footprint with extra height of this tent as it allows to grow taller cannabis strains. It features 240pcs of Full spectrumed LED bubbles, you do not need to worry about the electric cost as this grow light is very energy-saving, it only uses 100 watts.

The ventilation system includes 4” inline fan with adjustable speed and 4” carbon filter, which not only control odor but also ensure enough CO2 for healthy plant grow. Aside from that, this kit also includes thermometer, 4 5-Gallon grow bags, grow tray, duct clamps, and rope hangers.

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#5 GreenHouser Grow Tent Kit Complete 32″x32″x63″ Hydroponics system

A bit bigger than other options, if you don’t mine about the size, this is the great kit to go for. The kit uses APE600 LED grow lights, the new technology of this lighting system makes it consume only 100 Watts and very energy-efficient. The light is power enough for 2\’ x 2\’ area. The LED light has the aluminium cover, which works as a heat distributed to cool down the light. This kit also comes with a grow tray, 4\’\’ fan, filter, air ducting, light hangers, digital hygrometer, 60mm shears, timer, trellis netting. Basically, it is not as much different as other option, except the high quality, powerful 600W LED lights.

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#6 TopoGrow Grow Tent Complete Kit 24″X24″X48″

TopoGrow tent kit available in 3 different size, and this 24″ x 24″ x 48″ is the smallest. It is equipped LED 300W full spectrum Grow Light, which perfect for all plant types at any life cycle with the lifespan of 5000hrs. The LED lights system is adjustable so you can change its height.

The grow tent materials are Durable 600D oxford maylar & high-reflective waterproof diamond Mylar. It is design with multiple round vents and a rectangle vent with mesh for better ventilation and air flow. In the package, you also receive inline fan, carbon filter with ducting, humidity thermometer, shear, Trellis Netting, time, and rope hangers.

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#7 Hydro Plus Indoor Growing Kit 24\’\’x24\’\’x48\’\’ Small Grow Tent

Hydro Plus Indoor Growing Kit is the small grow tent but equipped everything you’ll need to get started with your work of grow your own marijuana indoor. No messy, little effort, smooth experiences are what this complete grow tent kit brings to you. It is constructed from 600D high-reflective Diamond Mylar and heavy duty zippers like most other tent on the market. But the feature makes it standout is the new tech 100W LED Grow Light. The UFO grow light is powerful, effective but cost less. It will mimic the natural sunlight in this small room. The kit also includes 4″ ventilation kit, thermometer & hygrometer, timer, 60mm bonsai shear, and Trellis Netting.

What are the disadvantages of best bedding options for snake?

Snake require a proper place to live comfortable and one of the best-considered elements on their enclosure living space is the bedding. You can easy find the good option of snake bedding in any pet store. They should be good at holding humidity, controlling odor well, don’t pose a risk for impaction, etc.

However, even the best bedding for snakes has the drawbacks. Aside from looking at the good sides of bedding, you also should consider the disadvantages of them to ensure that it suit your snake.

#1 Aspen shaving

Aspen shaving is one of the highly favoured material for snake bedding as it good for burrowing, is good at controlling odor. However, the drawback of this bedding is that it not good in humid environment as too much moisture inside your  cage can make the shavings go moldy. This is why I would recommend you to use it for snakes that don’t need very humid environments. Such as ball python.

Another drawback can occur with the large snake. The fine particles of shaving can also get underneath the scales of larger snakes and cause irritation, so I only use it for smaller snakes.

Some users complain about its dusty feature that will mess up your cage. You can circumvent it by misting the shavings.

#2 Cypress Mulch

Your snake will love to live in a cypress mulch bedding as it creates a comfortable soft surface and allow them to burrow freely. It also has the good ability of hold moisture well and maintain humidity levels inside the cage.

But it has drawbacks as well one major issue associated with this type of bedding is that mites thrive in cypress mulch, so it can be hard for you to eliminate mites from your cage. However, you can avoid it by baking the cypress mulch for half an hour before placing it in your snake’s enclosure. Freezing it for a few days before using also works

#3 Coconut Fiber

Coconut fiber is a soft and comfortable bedding for snakes, good at keeping odors in check and also hold humidity well. But because it is so small and soft, it is more suitable for small snakes. For larger snake, it is better to use coconut chips than coconut fiber.

This bedding also not a great option that allow snake to burrow inside. One more disadvantage is that although it easy to clean, but coconut fiber can get dusty. If it makes you sneeze or trigger allergies, you can use the coconut chip instead that will a bit easier on the nose.

What is the best 30 gallons aquarium for the money?

If you are just started your fish owner hobby and weighing your filter options? It can be a tough decision especially if you have a limited budget. I have been keeping fish for many years and I have tried almost every filter there is for my 30 gallon fish tank.

There are many different brands of these filters, but which are the best, and which give you the most value for your money? Here are the pros and cons of each types of filter base on my experience that could help you get the best filter for 30 gallon aquarium within the affordable price.

#1 Average price of filter for 30 gallon aquarium

Your budget will help to determine which type of filter you purchase. If you are a newbie you should not caught up in buying the flashiest, fanciest model. consider your tank’s needs first, and then buy the best suitable filter you can afford.

The price of filter for a 30 gallon tank range from low priced (£5 – £50) to high priced (£150+). There are always the lower priced filters actually do a really decent job in filtering out water.

#2 Best filter types for the money

Power filters are probably the most common option of filter as they come with the cheap price and it allow you to choose the media you use. However, the drawbacks of power filters are that they can be loud and take you a lot of effort to maintain.

Canister filters are the effective option as they provide superior filtration to any other type of filter. But you have to consider since they are large size and take up much of internal space in your tank. One more minus point of canister filters is that they are more expensive than other types.

Sponge filters are cheap and easy to use and also easy to replace and maintain, providing mechanical and biological filtration. However, they can look bulky in the tank and you need to use them with an air pump.

#3 Best filter for the money

If price is the first factor you consider when buying a filter for your 30 gallons tank, then I would like recommend you to use Marina Slim S20. It is perfect filter in the case if you’re not in a position to spend a lot of money on a tank filter and want something that good enough to get start.

And if you are looking for the filter that most value for your money, you can go with Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter. With this, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the best filter.

Best Reptile Fogger: Oiibo Reptile Humidifier VS. Evergreen Fogger

Different species of reptiles have different care requirements. They have specific requirements for the cage, food, temperature, and even humidity level. Adjusting humidity is not an easy task. Instead of mist the cage manually, you should rely on the best reptile fogger.

Reptile fogger is a device that will help you easily increase humidity in the reptile’s cage by use fog. The following products are among the best foggers available.

We will compare these two foggers to help you find out the right device for your terrarium: Oiibo Reptile Humidifier VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier/Fogger.

#1 Capacity

Most all the reptile humidifier will come with a tank to contain water. You will need to fill the tank with water and the foggers will create fog. The larger the capacity of the fogger, the longer it can operate without refilling.

Evergreen has a tank capacity of 2 liters, the tank also comes with a no-spill valve. With this amount of water Evergreen can contain, the water will last for between 7 hours to 4 or 5 days depend on the setting before needs to be refilled

Oiibo fogger has a water volume of 2,2 liters. With this capacity, the water is enough to last for some days, and you will not need to fill the tank every day.

#2 The extension hose

The hose is the part that uses for infusing clean moisturized vapor from the tank into the mister that sprays the tank. It is better to get the longer hose since you will have more space to adjust.

Oiibo has a stretchable hose; you can adjust the length from 1,3 to 5,3 feet. The hose comes with the adjustable suckers, which allow you to fix the hose to the tank.  A double port is included so you can use Oibbo fogger fro two terrariums at the same time.

Evergreen also features an adjustable hose that extends from 1,5 to 5 feet. The hose can be fixed to the tank in the desired position by the suction cups included.

#3 Automatic turn off

If the fogger does not come with the automatic shut off feature when the tank runs dry, it can lead to the risk of burn out.

Both Evergreen and Oibbo foggers can shut down automatically when the tank is empty. This feature will ensure that fogger will not be burned and overheat your reptiles too.

Best Instant Pot Cookbooks

The innovative Instant Pot is the multicooker that makes anyone a chef. It serves as a slow cooker, rice cooker, pressure cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and warming pot. With all these options, it’s a hard choice to decide what meal to make next. That’s why Instant Pot cookbooks are the perfect companions for this handy appliance.

Stock your bookshelf with a few of these favorite Instant Pot cookbooks. You’ll find recipes for a variety of needs, from 20-minute meals to food preparation for a holiday party. Then you’ll never be at a loss ever again over what to cook for dinner.

The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook: Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals by Laurel Randolph

Buy from Amazon

Get started with one of a hundred easy Instant Pot recipes in this cookbook. Choose from traditional home cooking, kid-friendly options, or gluten-free, Paleo, and vegetarian meals. And sort your options by how much time you have, too.

The author is a food writer whose work frequently appears in Serious Eats and Wise Bread. She’s created a cookbook that teaches the basics of pressure cooking along with instructions for how to use the Instant Pot. And most of the recipes use ingredients that are easy to find at the store.

The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook: Fresh and Foolproof Recipes for Your Electric Pressure Cooker by Coco Morante

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Get inspiration from the expert who runs the official Instant Pot recipes page on Facebook. It’s no surprise that Coco Morante put together this solid reference book of tasty meals that are guaranteed to turn out right.

Although there are fewer recipes here than some Instant Pot cookbooks offer, each one is thoughtfully vetted. And the book is conveniently divided into categories like breakfast, soups, grains and beans, meats, side dishes, and more. Choose from favorites like spicy beef and bean chili or braised pork loin for dinner, or New York cheesecake for dessert. You’ll find the steps easy to follow.

How to Instant Pot: Mastering All the Functions of the One Pot That Will Change the Way You Cook

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Daniel Shumski is the author of fun books like “Will It Skillet!” as well as food articles for the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times. When he dives into a subject, he covers it thoroughly. That’s why this cookbook is essential if you want to get the most out of your Instant Pot.

With over a hundred recipes, you can begin with basics like hard-boiled eggs and move on to Maple Mustard Pork Shoulder. The book is organized into categories that take advantage of each of the Instant Pot functions. If you want to make yogurt, it’s easier than you think. Or try creating your own pickles, too.

Reviewers love “How to Instant Pot” because the instructions are easy to follow and the meals are delicious. Plus, there are helpful tips and charts to aid in converting your favorite meals into Instant Pot recipes, too.

Indian Instant Pot Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast

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The Indian Instant Pot Cookbook will turn your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant. If you love Indian food but never thought you could make it successfully at home, this book will change your mind. It simplifies the most common challenges.

For example, not everyone has access to exotic spices. But the author, Urvashi Pitre, will help you discover substitutes. Next, some aspiring cooks complain that they don’t have the time to master complicated techniques. But again, the author solves the problem. These Instant Pot Indian recipes average 10-minute prep times for meals that take an hour or less to cook.

Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes

Buy from Amazon

What happens when a health-conscious food blogger and a dietitian create a cookbook?  You’ll find out when you open up “Skinnytaste Fast and Slow.” But don’t be fooled—this isn’t a book full of tasteless, low-calorie meals. Instead, it’s all about scrumptious selections that will encourage you to eat at home more often.

Along with the 140 mouth-watering recipes, you’ll see nutritional information. And it’s straightforward to find meals that are freezer-friendly, vegetarian, and free of gluten. The only downside is that some meals require longer cook times or less common spices.

Multicooker Perfection: Cook It Fast or Cook It Slow-You Decide

Buy from Amazon

America’s Test Kitchen created the perfect resource for owners of an Instant Pot or another multicooker appliance. This cookbook has gushing reviews from Epicurious and Wired, among other big names. If you only buy one book to help you in the kitchen, try this one. It has a lot more to it than only recipes.

There are a couple of reasons why you’ll like this purchase. One is that it starts with tips and tricks to understand your Instant Pot. And then you’ll see how to cook a meal fast or slow, depending on the setting and your schedule.

Get acquainted with your Instant Pot by cooking your favorite meals in it. These cookbooks are the best companions to help you get started as simply as possible.

Uses of Bleach That You Probably Do Not Know

The chlorine or bleach is a must-have product in the cleaning rooms of the home, thanks to its disinfecting and sterilizing properties, it is one of the chemicals that are always present at the time of performing a cleaning-related activity. From purifying the water to whitening garments, this substance has multiple uses that can help us to considerably increase the effects of the rest of cleaning products, or devices like pressure washers cleaners, that we generally employ.

Here are some of them:

#1 Purifies water

by adding the correct dose to water, it agilely destroys bacteria and other imperceptible microbes. At the same time, it eliminates pathogens to prevent the spread of diseases through it. Generally, the recommended dose is 8 drops per gallon of water, but everything depends on the state in which it is and the percentage of chlorine that our product possesses.

#2 Disinfects the wood

This fact is one of the most important and least known. From utensils to any wooden furniture, chlorine is effective at removing all kinds of bacteria lodged in this material. It is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors with other devices, since it eliminates the fungi and germs created by the accumulation of moisture.

#3 It can be used in the garden

If your garden is full of weeds, the solution is to apply bleach before tearing it away, since this way the soil in which it grows is directly attacked and its reproduction is avoided. Also, in large and long lands, many choose to apply chlorine in low-power high-pressure cleaners to spread it and prevent the growth of weeds or undesirable plants.

#4 Makes insect hatchery disappear

It is scientifically proven that mosquitoes procreate in stagnant water. For this reason, it is advisable to place chlorine where water is contained or there is standing water to eliminate larvae and increase their healthiness. This action is carried out, mainly, in places where there are epidemics of dengue or diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

#5 Purifies crystals and vinyl

To maintain the neatness of glassware and to sanitize vinyl-plank floors or glass windows, chlorine is ideal. It can be applied for 15 minutes on the surface or, in the case of cups and dishes can be submerged in hot water with bleach to get a perfect, clean and delicate finish.

#6 Whitens porcelain

This chemical is well known for its whitening properties, for that reason, it is essential when cleaning porcelain or tile floors, especially if they are light colors. It should be applied and let it soak the stained surface for a few minutes to leave it shiny. It should be noted that this also works for toilets and sinks.

#7 Fights fungi

Chlorine is perfect to treat the fungus that has formed in damp corners of the house and thus prevent the growth of mold. To do this, it should be spread along the surface to let stand for a few minutes and brush with a broom with thick bristles.

It is important to remember that despite the versatility of chlorine, it is a very strong and sensitive chemical product, so its handling must be done with extreme care, wearing gloves and being aware of the reactions it can cause.

What Are The Different Types Of Reptile Heat Lamp?

The reptile can only be happy and live in an environment that contains their entire health requirement. In order to meet these needs, you should replicate their natural environment in their enclosure.

And for all reptiles, providing the appropriate temperature is very important since they are cool-blood animals, they rely on temperature surrounding to regulate their body temperature.

This is why you need reptile heat lamp to keep them warm and their internal functions going.

Types of heat lamps for reptiles

Basking lights

This is the most common type of reptile heat lamp. This lamp provides both heat and light for your pet. In order to provide enough heat for reptiles, basking lamps are high in wattages; it can go as high as 100W.

Due to this feature, this lamp may cause the risk of catching fire and burn your reptiles. Therefore, ensure that you are purchase on the high quality basking lamp that provide high wattages without going up in flames

Ceramic heat lamps

The most effective heat lamp to use for reptiles may be ceramic heat lamp since it produces heat only and no light is emitted.

If you are looking for a lamp to maintain the temperature in your tank at night, a ceramic heat lamp will be a beat option since it does not bother your reptiles when they sleep at night. You must pay more to get it but it is will last for longer and effective.

Mercury vapor lamps

This lamp meets all the needs of your reptiles to keep them healthy. The best mercury vapor bulb for reptiles produces heat, light and UVB rays for your reptiles. Therefore, you will need only this lamp for the tank lighting system and also helping you save costs. However, this lamp also comes in high wattages and do not really safe.

Coiled heat lamps

Coiled heat lamp is lower in wattages than basking light, but it can produce both heat and UV lights that reptiles will need. However, some types of coiled heat lights have been known to cause blindness for some reptiles that have sensitive eyes.

How To Use The Best Painters Tape For Painting Like A Pro?

The painters tape is an indispensable tool in the process of painting your house or craft project. For those who do not have much experience, this product is no different from a powerful assistant.

Currently the tape painters market is growing strongly. A lot of manufacturers compete on price as well as models. You should consider carefully before choosing the best painters tape for painting.

There are many people who can use this product expertly. However, many people have no experience. So we’ll show you how to use the best painters tape like a pro.

#1 Surface preparation

The first step in properly using painters tape is to prepare the surface you are about to paint. If this step is omitted, tape painters may not adhere well and will not exert their effects to the fullest.

Make sure that the surface does not contain dirt, impurities or any other abnormality. You can roughen that surface so that it becomes more flat and smooth.

The painters tape will work well on flat surfaces and does not contain any impurities.

You can deep clean the surface with a mixture of warm water and soap. Use a sponge to clean the worm most effectively.

#2 Painters tape using

After preparing the surface, it’s time to use painters tape. Do not rush but paste each piece of painters tape. Tape each tape over a meter longer to avoid tangling.

For those who do not have much experience, it is advisable to paste a short paragraph to avoid problems. Once the painters tape has been applied to the surface, it will no longer be effective for the second time.

Secure the painters tape with your finger or a suitable tool. Make sure it adheres to the surface.

You should also make sure that there are no gaps between the tape painters. Tape over 3 cm segments to ensure that paint cannot pass through the intersection.

#3 Painters tape removing

To remove tape painters like a pro, carefully peel off the tape at an angle of 45 degrees. This is how you can easily remove or tear the painters tape.

If you’re having difficulty with the painter tape, use a hair dryer to heat it up. This will make it easier to remove.

What is the best crested gecko substrate?

It is needless to say that choosing the correct substrate is crucial for crested geckos overall health and safety. There are many hazards with crested geckos when you use the wrong substrate for them such as irritations to the gut, skin, eyes and the risk of impaction. Impaction happens when your pets consume substrates.

In addition to using the best reptile humidifiers to maintain ideal moisture for crested gecko, an appropriate crested gecko substrate can also maintain average humidity levels in the cage. It is easy to clean or replace, and match with your crested gecko’s preference. This article is going to evaluate some different types of substrates.

Crested gecko paper towels substrates

This substrate considered as the cheapest and safest substrates to use for under 1 month crested geckos since it cannot be swallowed. This substrate is also very easy to replace when you are clean the cage.

Using paper towels as a substrate helps you easily to see droppings. And your crested geckos also can easily find out their food, so you won’t have to concern if your gecko is eating confuse substrate.

There is the down point that when using paper towels as the substrate is that it does not work great at hold the humidity for very long. You will need to mist or humidify the cage more frequently.

Crested gecko peat substrates

This is the commonly natural substrate. One of the most important factors in crested geckos cage is maintaining high levels of moisture, then the right temperature will be maintained for crested geckos. And the peat substrates do it very well. Peat has the ability to retain moisture for so long which is impossible for the paper towels.

However, due to this advantage, peat has to be used carefully to avoid the development of mildews and molds. The solution is that you can place a layer of gravel under the soil to prevent the occurrence of molds.

Crested gecko eco earth substrate

This is the natural product for substrate and it seems to be safe even if your crested geckos swallow it. Moreover, eco earth also naturally prevents the growth of molds and mildews, and it absorbs odor very well.

Eco earth takes less maintenance, you just need to remove the dirty part on a weekly. In this way, eco earth can last for several months until it needs to replace.

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