What is the best 30 gallons aquarium for the money?

If you are just started your fish owner hobby and weighing your filter options? It can be a tough decision especially if you have a limited budget. I have been keeping fish for many years and I have tried almost every filter there is for my 30 gallon fish tank.

There are many different brands of these filters, but which are the best, and which give you the most value for your money? Here are the pros and cons of each types of filter base on my experience that could help you get the best filter for 30 gallon aquarium within the affordable price.

#1 Average price of filter for 30 gallon aquarium

Your budget will help to determine which type of filter you purchase. If you are a newbie you should not caught up in buying the flashiest, fanciest model. consider your tank’s needs first, and then buy the best suitable filter you can afford.

The price of filter for a 30 gallon tank range from low priced (£5 – £50) to high priced (£150+). There are always the lower priced filters actually do a really decent job in filtering out water.

#2 Best filter types for the money

Power filters are probably the most common option of filter as they come with the cheap price and it allow you to choose the media you use. However, the drawbacks of power filters are that they can be loud and take you a lot of effort to maintain.

Canister filters are the effective option as they provide superior filtration to any other type of filter. But you have to consider since they are large size and take up much of internal space in your tank. One more minus point of canister filters is that they are more expensive than other types.

Sponge filters are cheap and easy to use and also easy to replace and maintain, providing mechanical and biological filtration. However, they can look bulky in the tank and you need to use them with an air pump.

#3 Best filter for the money

If price is the first factor you consider when buying a filter for your 30 gallons tank, then I would like recommend you to use Marina Slim S20. It is perfect filter in the case if you’re not in a position to spend a lot of money on a tank filter and want something that good enough to get start.

And if you are looking for the filter that most value for your money, you can go with Penn Plax Aquarium Cascade Canister Filter. With this, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars getting the best filter.

Best Reptile Fogger: Oiibo Reptile Humidifier VS. Evergreen Fogger

Different species of reptiles have different care requirements. They have specific requirements for the cage, food, temperature, and even humidity level. Adjusting humidity is not an easy task. Instead of mist the cage manually, you should rely on the best reptile fogger.

Reptile fogger is a device that will help you easily increase humidity in the reptile’s cage by use fog. The following products are among the best foggers available.

We will compare these two foggers to help you find out the right device for your terrarium: Oiibo Reptile Humidifier VS. Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier/Fogger.

#1 Capacity

Most all the reptile humidifier will come with a tank to contain water. You will need to fill the tank with water and the foggers will create fog. The larger the capacity of the fogger, the longer it can operate without refilling.

Evergreen has a tank capacity of 2 liters, the tank also comes with a no-spill valve. With this amount of water Evergreen can contain, the water will last for between 7 hours to 4 or 5 days depend on the setting before needs to be refilled

Oiibo fogger has a water volume of 2,2 liters. With this capacity, the water is enough to last for some days, and you will not need to fill the tank every day.

#2 The extension hose

The hose is the part that uses for infusing clean moisturized vapor from the tank into the mister that sprays the tank. It is better to get the longer hose since you will have more space to adjust.

Oiibo has a stretchable hose; you can adjust the length from 1,3 to 5,3 feet. The hose comes with the adjustable suckers, which allow you to fix the hose to the tank.  A double port is included so you can use Oibbo fogger fro two terrariums at the same time.

Evergreen also features an adjustable hose that extends from 1,5 to 5 feet. The hose can be fixed to the tank in the desired position by the suction cups included.

#3 Automatic turn off

If the fogger does not come with the automatic shut off feature when the tank runs dry, it can lead to the risk of burn out.

Both Evergreen and Oibbo foggers can shut down automatically when the tank is empty. This feature will ensure that fogger will not be burned and overheat your reptiles too.

What Are The Different Types Of Reptile Heat Lamp?

The reptile can only be happy and live in an environment that contains their entire health requirement. In order to meet these needs, you should replicate their natural environment in their enclosure.

And for all reptiles, providing the appropriate temperature is very important since they are cool-blood animals, they rely on temperature surrounding to regulate their body temperature.

This is why you need reptile heat lamp to keep them warm and their internal functions going.

Types of heat lamps for reptiles

Basking lights

This is the most common type of reptile heat lamp. This lamp provides both heat and light for your pet. In order to provide enough heat for reptiles, basking lamps are high in wattages; it can go as high as 100W.

Due to this feature, this lamp may cause the risk of catching fire and burn your reptiles. Therefore, ensure that you are purchase on the high quality basking lamp that provide high wattages without going up in flames

Ceramic heat lamps

The most effective heat lamp to use for reptiles may be ceramic heat lamp since it produces heat only and no light is emitted.

If you are looking for a lamp to maintain the temperature in your tank at night, a ceramic heat lamp will be a beat option since it does not bother your reptiles when they sleep at night. You must pay more to get it but it is will last for longer and effective.

Mercury vapor lamps

This lamp meets all the needs of your reptiles to keep them healthy. The best mercury vapor bulb for reptiles produces heat, light and UVB rays for your reptiles. Therefore, you will need only this lamp for the tank lighting system and also helping you save costs. However, this lamp also comes in high wattages and do not really safe.

Coiled heat lamps

Coiled heat lamp is lower in wattages than basking light, but it can produce both heat and UV lights that reptiles will need. However, some types of coiled heat lights have been known to cause blindness for some reptiles that have sensitive eyes.

What is the best crested gecko substrate?

It is needless to say that choosing the correct substrate is crucial for crested geckos overall health and safety. There are many hazards with crested geckos when you use the wrong substrate for them such as irritations to the gut, skin, eyes and the risk of impaction. Impaction happens when your pets consume substrates.

In addition to using the best reptile humidifiers to maintain ideal moisture for crested gecko, an appropriate crested gecko substrate can also maintain average humidity levels in the cage. It is easy to clean or replace, and match with your crested gecko’s preference. This article is going to evaluate some different types of substrates.

Crested gecko paper towels substrates

This substrate considered as the cheapest and safest substrates to use for under 1 month crested geckos since it cannot be swallowed. This substrate is also very easy to replace when you are clean the cage.

Using paper towels as a substrate helps you easily to see droppings. And your crested geckos also can easily find out their food, so you won’t have to concern if your gecko is eating confuse substrate.

There is the down point that when using paper towels as the substrate is that it does not work great at hold the humidity for very long. You will need to mist or humidify the cage more frequently.

Crested gecko peat substrates

This is the commonly natural substrate. One of the most important factors in crested geckos cage is maintaining high levels of moisture, then the right temperature will be maintained for crested geckos. And the peat substrates do it very well. Peat has the ability to retain moisture for so long which is impossible for the paper towels.

However, due to this advantage, peat has to be used carefully to avoid the development of mildews and molds. The solution is that you can place a layer of gravel under the soil to prevent the occurrence of molds.

Crested gecko eco earth substrate

This is the natural product for substrate and it seems to be safe even if your crested geckos swallow it. Moreover, eco earth also naturally prevents the growth of molds and mildews, and it absorbs odor very well.

Eco earth takes less maintenance, you just need to remove the dirty part on a weekly. In this way, eco earth can last for several months until it needs to replace.

How to choose the best glue for leather?

Leather is a very hard material to bond with and it is also difficult to stick with other materials, so you have to choose the right glue to have a perfect finish for your project.

Not all adhesives work well with leather, so you might have a hard time with your craft. Good glues for bonding the skin are not necessarily the most expensive but should be the most suitable.

To help you choose the best glue for leather, we have listed a number of criteria that you should consider before buying:

#1 Adhesiveness

Not only with leather glue, but also any type of glue, adhesion is the most important factor that determines the quality of the product. Especially for materials that need a strong bond like leather, a good adhesive is an important factor.

You should choose leather glues that contain polyurethane or cyanoacrylate, which are extremely suitable for bonding with materials like fabric, suede or leather.

#2 Flexibility

The glue for leather should have a flexible texture to have access to the most difficult locations. Imagine you want to link all the corners of a handmade leather bag.

Gel-based adhesives are often more flexible than liquid adhesives.

#3 Durability

For all types of adhesives, durability is important because they must be durable enough to accompany the material for a long time. Glue for leather must be water-resistant or able to withstand external impacts and not wear and tear.

#4 Applicability

Make sure the leather glue you are going to buy is able to link leather with many other materials such as plastic, wood, etc. Certainly, a highly applicable adhesive will help your project a lot.

#5 Budget

As we mentioned above, the most expensive glue for leather is not necessarily the best, so you should not invest this from the beginning of the most expensive one. Instead, focus on the quality and flexibility of the product.

You should also compare the price of that product on the market to choose the most reasonable price.

How to choose the best aquarium LED lighting?

The aquarium is not only a place to satisfy your hobby of pets but it is also a beautiful decoration for your living space. And to further enhance that prominence, the best aquarium LED lighting is the tool you need.

Perhaps you are familiar with conventional LED lights, but maybe the aquarium LED lights will be a small challenge for you. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s hard to pick the best one.

Aquarium LED lighting is not always good enough for your investment. If you do not know how to choose the best aquarium LED lights, then you will probably waste your investment.

Here’s what you should consider before buying the best one:

#1 Aquarium size

The size of the aquarium is the first factor that determines the type and size of LEDs you can use for your aquarium.

The best LED aquarium lighting can cover the entire aquarium or it only lights up a small portion of it is your decision. Consider the size of your tank if you don’t want the LED you bought to no avail.

#2 Creatures in the aquarium

You need to consider the lighting needs of residents in the aquarium to choose the most suitable LED light. Saltwater residents will have different lighting needs than freshwater residents. And similarly, there are differences between animals and plants.

You should refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations for light intensity for different residents.

#3 Lifespan of LED lights

Of course, a longer-lasting LED will be a better investment for you.

Usually, LEDs have a longer life than conventional light bulbs, so you should compare the products together to find the one that has the longest life span.

LED lights for a long-lived aquarium will save you time and money, so why not choose the one that has longer life?

How to choose the best skillets for glass top stoves?

In this modern time, the appearance of glass top stoves is replacing traditional gas stoves in every kitchen room. With the minimal and subtle design, clean, save space,… It figures that glass top stoves are becoming popular.

If you are a new owner of this subtle glass top, you should know that there are some certain types of skillets design only for these stoves.

One of the most effectively and safely ways to use this stove is buying the best skillets for glass top stoves.

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 #1 Materials

Not all of the skillets are available in the market will compatible with glass top stoves.

Best materials to use with glass top stoves are stainless steel, titan, carbon steel and anodized aluminium. They are durability and stability, great at heat conduction and distribution.

On the other hand, cast iron, ceramic, glass, porcelain enamel skillets are not recommended.

Cast iron and ceramic skillets may scratch the glass surface and also a poor conductor. While glass and porcelain enamel will tend to be melt and fuse when contact with high temperatures for a long time.

#2 Design

Ensure that all the cookware you are using is perfectly compatible with glass top stoves.

The most important thing is the flat bottom. A flat bottom can protect your glass top stoves surface from scratch.

The warping bottom will reduce the amount of contact between the skillets and stoves, and also reduce the performance of heat distribution.

#3 Non-Coloured

Coloured skillets when contact with the heat at high temperatures will leave their colour on the cooktop.

That makes the impossible remove of stain if you do not clean in the right way.

#4 Easy to clean

The best skillets for glass top stoves should be non-stick and compatibility with the dishwasher. It will help you easy to clean and save your time of cleaning.

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Buyers Guide: Best Scope Mount For M1a

When searching for a new m1a scope mount there may be dozens of different styles and brands. But not all scope mounts are created in the same way. The fact that it is cheap does not mean that it is the best. Your competitive weapon is more likely to break down or even destroy your gun.

The durability is evident because everyone will want to purchase a m1a scope mount, that they do not need to replace every month. But it is worth considering the number of times you use the AR-15. You may only use it once or twice a month in range. Otherwise, you can keep it in your weapon. In this case, you may not need to pay for the expensive, high-end models. If you keep the AR-15 on you for daily use or move it outside on a bag, the more durable access chip will be useful to prevent it from falling.

Regarding the best m1a scope mount features, the band assignment will not be as customizable as the AR-15 itself. But there are still some options to consider. There are a Quick Lift Kit (QD) tools, and some fasteners will adapt to laser sights and other accessories.

Value is another negotiable component when purchasing a best scope mount for m1a. The fact that a cheap scope mount doesn’t mean to be bad (or right). The fact that a scope mount is expensive does not mean that it is the best choice for you. How often do you use AR-15 and the features you want to help determine if it’s worth the price.

Finally, it is essential to determine if a scope mount meets your needs. There is a significant increase in objectivity in the market. But the best and most durable scope mount can never help you if you don’t keep their extended scope or fit into the laser sight you want.

See more scopes & sights right here.

How I Safely Clean My Exterior Surfaces: What you should avoid when cleaning exterior surfaces

Do you know that water flowing under high pressure from a tiny aperture can cut through metal surface, or split an iron bar into two?

Sometimes we forget that water running out of a tiny tube could be as destructive as the flood and heavy downpour if it’s running under high pressure. Water flowing out from the nozzle of a pressure washer can cause such similar damages if not handled properly. For instance, it can cause skin lacerations if the water is sprayed on someone. It can also damage soft surfaces like wood or even knock down a person from the ladder.

However, pressure washers are very useful for exterior surface cleaning if handle with care. Here, I will reveal a few important safety tips and how best to use a pressure washer. And also recommend for you top-best safe pressure washers you can use for cleaning.  Let’s begin:

Use the right equipment

Your selection on the right pressure washer should be based on the size and kind of surface to be cleaned.  For instance, I use pressure washers with lower pressure because my floor is laminated with soft fine woods that cover a smaller area. If you’re running an industry, you should go for the ones with a higher pressure. Those ones can probably do the job well.

While deciding on the right one, it’s equally important to use the appropriate size nozzle. Depending on the kind of surface, big size nozzle could reduce the pressure of the flow, hence the cleaning won’t be efficient. Moreover, some pressure washers come with adjustable spraying strength. So adjust the whole set-up to the proper setting before using.

Wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment)

Shorts and flip-flops are strong no. You should wear your PPE even in summer, is for your safety, even though wearing it at some point doesn’t feel good.

Keep your hands off the way of the washer spray

What I don’t forget in a hurry is always keeping my hands off the way of the washer spray. The spraying strength or pressure can shop off your fingers especially spraying at high pressure. In like manner, don’t blast the jet of water playfully on anyone. That your playmate could become a patient and end up on the hospital bed.

Look at the operating manual

Don’t think is not necessary to read manual because the equipment is user-friendly- No. Operating Manual is also for your safety. Remember that every pressure washer is different and so is the operating procedure. So read the manual to avoid disaster.

Beware of your surroundings

Before you start cleaning, observe your surroundings- Is it bushy or busy? Are there tender plants? Checkout for any pet nearby. Don’t forget to check for electrical points. Cover electric wires and cable in plastic, close any vents, and stay off ladders. This is because kickback from water blasts can knock you off a ladder.

Now that you know how to operate safely, it’s paramount to show you few top-selected pressure surface cleaners designed specifically for any kind of exterior surface. They are safe to use and make your exterior surfaces dazzle in bright light.

Click here and get your own pick now! Also check out for other appliances good to keep your home cozy and neat.

Daily, weekly and monthly chicken care tasks

Having a flock of chickens requires tasks that need to be fulfilled daily and monthly. These tasks will keep your hens safe, sound and happy. These guidelines will help you take proper care of your chickens.

Day by day Tasks

  • Check water and clean/refill as required. Make sure they have a constant supply of clean and fresh water. Poop, straw and shavings can get in the water and make it dirty. Ensure you clean the waterer if it is slimy. Use dish cleanser and water and flush well, and disinfect with a bleach. This is essential as chickens do not like dirty water.
  • Feed chickens. Provide adequate feed in their feeders or feed them set amounts every day.
  • Collect eggs. When you gather the eggs they lay on a daily basis, you maximize freshness and minimize cracked eggs.
  • Observe them. Ensure your flock is safe and sound by spending a little time with them. Splendid eyes, smooth quills, dynamic, alert.

Month to month Tasks

  • Manage bedding. How you do this relies upon the litter strategy you are utilizing. For city and rural flocks, you’ll need to change the bedding in BEST CHICKEN COOP every month.

Larger and rural flocks can utilize the deep litter strategy. For this strategy, you start with three to four inches of beddings every month, or when droppings develop, you include additionally bedding until the point that you have 6 inches or a greater amount of sheet material. With this strategy, you expel all the bedding two times every year and begin start afresh.

You can compost chicken litter for a season and use it in the garden. It has a vast supply of nitrogen.

  • Freshen nest boxes. When the bedding in the nest box winds up ruined with crap or broken eggs, haul out the wet or dirtied parts and put in new bedding material. This makes the activity of cleaning eggs less demanding and it also keeps the hens from laying in the nest box.
  • Clean and disinfect waterers. Use warm water and soap and scrub the waterer properly, sterilize with your choice of purifying arrangement and dry properly. The recurrence of this errand relies upon your own germ philosophy. Regardless of that, it should be done at least once every month.

Semi-Yearly Tasks

  • Clean and disinfect coop. A few times per year, expel everything from the coop and wash down all surfaces with bleach and water. Try as much as possible to also do this in between flocks. A few people think sprinkling diatomaceous earth (DE) in the coop will eliminate vermin and keep the hens sound. Acquire food-grade DE and don’t get stressed out if the chickens eat them. It is perfectly safe and healthy for their consumption
  • Prepare for winter. Ensure your hens are prepared to get by as well as flourish in the harsh elements of winter climate because this is important if you wish to keep the flock. Provide heaters for your waterers if essential. You should also consider the thought of utilizing a light to keep your hens laying in winter. Ensure you have perching space to go round because this is the manner by which hens stay warm. Try not to heat up your chicken coop.

Ensuring you handle every bit of these tasks will keep your hens upbeat, solid and laying a lot of ranch crisp eggs.

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