Hey I’m Bella, welcome to my world!
I am a fun loving ‘typical’ girl, who loves everything shiny, shimmery and out of my price range.

I am a law graduate whose attending law school- so as you can imagine my daily life isn’t the most creative.

This little piece of the internet is going to be a space for me to unleash my creativity.

I am a beauty addict and like to think I know a thing or two about fashion, although I sometimes go against the grain to whats ‘in’.
I started my blog after becoming addicted to reading various beauty and fashion related blogs so thought I’d give it go myself, and create my own little space of the inter web full of all things me.
Things you are likely to find on my blog are beauty reviews, tutorials, wish lists and more, fashion bits and pieces and little updates about my daily life.
If you like what you see please press the follow button as its nice to know people listen to my ramblings.
I make every effort to reply to every comment, so don’t be shy, I like to know your opinions about things too!