Instruction Steps For Install The Best Aquarium Heater

Once you have the best aquarium heater, your work will not stop there. You will wonder where to put the heater and how to install it. It should be placed in the middle or on the side?

The modern heater equipment is designed for users easy to install. There are also some different steps depend on the types of heater that you are using. However, almost the best aquarium heaters generally are installed by some basic steps below:

Aquarium heater setup guide

Step 1:

Check the heater before installing it. Ensure that the cover of the heater is intact, the wire is not faulty, and no sign of break down or breakage on your heater. This is for your safety as used over time.

Step 2:

Clean the glass surface of where you are planning to install the heater. You are recommended to place the heater near the water flow. It could be the outlet or inlet from the filter, or in the stream of the powerhead.

Step 3:

The heater will come with the suction cups that include in its package. Using the suctions cups to attach the heater to the glass tank. In this step, you have to remove all the plants of decorations that can directly touch the heater.

Step 4:

Allow the heater to get used to the water temperature inside the tank, so the sudden changes in the temperature do not affect the heater much and break down the heater cover.

Leave the heater in the aquarium for 15-30 minutes before turning it on.

Step 5:

Using the thermometer to read the water temperature inside the tank before you using the heater. Or if your heater includes a thermometer, you can read the temperature in the heater.

Step 6:

Turn your heater on and regulate the temperature depending on your fish requirement.

Step 7:

Allow the heater to run for at least 24 hours before adding your fish to the tank. Monitor and regulate the heater every 4-6 hours until the temperature inside the tank reaches to proper temperature levels.

Step 8:

Take your to fish back to their tank when the temperature is optimal for them. If you add your fish to the tank during the adjustment and setup heater process, the fluctuation of temperature in this process may cause a negative effects and stress on your fish.

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