So, just before I broke up for Easter I had a cave girl social with my dance squad. Unfortunately I haven’t got any pictures of my outfit, but I will talk you through how I went about achieving a rugged yet still sexy cave girl esque look!


  1. I started off by applying my usual MAC foundation, powered and bronzer (I will talk more about this at another point)
  2. I decided that I wanted my eye brows to be pretty wild, but not too wild, so I used my benefit brow zings and slightly spiked my eyebrows up where you would normally blend them in and make them completely natural. But were living in the wild eh?
  3. I then went on with the eyes, and wanted the shadow to be pretty neutral to resemble earth colours, so I used Rimmel London Colour Rush trio in the neutral shades to create a natural undefined smokey eye.
  4. i then went on with black liquid eye liner, and lined the top lashes quite thickly.
  5. Next I applied KISS eyelashes (review coming) to add a dramatic fluttery look.
  6. I then continued to line my eyes and wack on a load of mascara.
  7. I decided to add a pink blush just to set things off
  8. And to finish it up a nude lip gloss.


Its pretty standard that any cave girl look, the bigger the hair the better, although I did slightly feel like a drag queen!
  1. I started off by teasing the roots of my hair to give it some instant lift and volume.
  2. I then went on to curl my hair using my GHD hair straighteners. I curled in a pretty haphazard nature, there was no particular logic to it.
  3. And then I went crazy! I back combed the heck out of my hair (poor hair)
  4. I finished it off by sparing it with Treseme extra hold hair spray to make sure it stayed put all night-which it did.
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