What is the best crested gecko substrate?

It is needless to say that choosing the correct substrate is crucial for crested geckos overall health and safety. There are many hazards with crested geckos when you use the wrong substrate for them such as irritations to the gut, skin, eyes and the risk of impaction. Impaction happens when your pets consume substrates.

In addition to using the best reptile humidifiers to maintain ideal moisture for crested gecko, an appropriate crested gecko substrate can also maintain average humidity levels in the cage. It is easy to clean or replace, and match with your crested gecko’s preference. This article is going to evaluate some different types of substrates.

Crested gecko paper towels substrates

This substrate considered as the cheapest and safest substrates to use for under 1 month crested geckos since it cannot be swallowed. This substrate is also very easy to replace when you are clean the cage.

Using paper towels as a substrate helps you easily to see droppings. And your crested geckos also can easily find out their food, so you won’t have to concern if your gecko is eating confuse substrate.

There is the down point that when using paper towels as the substrate is that it does not work great at hold the humidity for very long. You will need to mist or humidify the cage more frequently.

Crested gecko peat substrates

This is the commonly natural substrate. One of the most important factors in crested geckos cage is maintaining high levels of moisture, then the right temperature will be maintained for crested geckos. And the peat substrates do it very well. Peat has the ability to retain moisture for so long which is impossible for the paper towels.

However, due to this advantage, peat has to be used carefully to avoid the development of mildews and molds. The solution is that you can place a layer of gravel under the soil to prevent the occurrence of molds.

Crested gecko eco earth substrate

This is the natural product for substrate and it seems to be safe even if your crested geckos swallow it. Moreover, eco earth also naturally prevents the growth of molds and mildews, and it absorbs odor very well.

Eco earth takes less maintenance, you just need to remove the dirty part on a weekly. In this way, eco earth can last for several months until it needs to replace.

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