What Are The Different Types Of Reptile Heat Lamp?

The reptile can only be happy and live in an environment that contains their entire health requirement. In order to meet these needs, you should replicate their natural environment in their enclosure.

And for all reptiles, providing the appropriate temperature is very important since they are cool-blood animals, they rely on temperature surrounding to regulate their body temperature.

This is why you need reptile heat lamp to keep them warm and their internal functions going.

Types of heat lamps for reptiles

Basking lights

This is the most common type of reptile heat lamp. This lamp provides both heat and light for your pet. In order to provide enough heat for reptiles, basking lamps are high in wattages; it can go as high as 100W.

Due to this feature, this lamp may cause the risk of catching fire and burn your reptiles. Therefore, ensure that you are purchase on the high quality basking lamp that provide high wattages without going up in flames

Ceramic heat lamps

The most effective heat lamp to use for reptiles may be ceramic heat lamp since it produces heat only and no light is emitted.

If you are looking for a lamp to maintain the temperature in your tank at night, a ceramic heat lamp will be a beat option since it does not bother your reptiles when they sleep at night. You must pay more to get it but it is will last for longer and effective.

Mercury vapor lamps

This lamp meets all the needs of your reptiles to keep them healthy. The best mercury vapor bulb for reptiles produces heat, light and UVB rays for your reptiles. Therefore, you will need only this lamp for the tank lighting system and also helping you save costs. However, this lamp also comes in high wattages and do not really safe.

Coiled heat lamps

Coiled heat lamp is lower in wattages than basking light, but it can produce both heat and UV lights that reptiles will need. However, some types of coiled heat lights have been known to cause blindness for some reptiles that have sensitive eyes.

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