Steps to creating a small farm

Are you ready to start preparing to design your own little farm from scratch? Of course, you’ve pictured it so many times in your mind for a considerable length of time but the decisions can appear to be overwhelming. All in all, where do you begin?

1. Is Farming Right for Me?

This should be the first question you ask yourself. A few things to consider: what are your purposes behind the idea of the farm? What information do you have on farming – the work, the strategies, and how to plant? Will you have the capacity to kill an animal you have been attached to for meat purposes?

2. Set Goals

Before you begin scouring the local magazines for livestock, make a stride back. What are your objectives for your little farm? What sort of farm would you say you are building? It may be a hobby farm, or your farm is there to supplement your real job, something to help you relax and loosen up during the weekends or evenings. It may be you want a farm for profit purposes, to replace your real job in a very short time. Or then again, your objective may be to deliver all the food that you and your family require – self-sufficiency or homesteading.

3. Think about Animals and Crops

A little farm can extend from a half-acre of land with a couple of laying hens and a little veggie garden, to 40 acres of land with acres of veggies, pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, dairy cows and cattle. Some parts of your decisions will be restricted by your resources and land but we will discuss that later.

Make a rundown of all that you imagine on your farm- even if it is how you want it to be years from now. This is your fantasy, your optimal little farm.

4. Survey Your Land and Resources

This is a lovely way to find out about your land and what’s on it. Evaluating your property will give you the information you need and that will take you two steps ahead.

5. Plan the First Year

In this step, you will try fusing your dreams with reality. Look at the list of animals you wish to raise, as well as the things you wish to grow. Study every animal type carefully and get an idea on how to care for them and how much space they need. Evaluate your farm resources. Do you have enough land to cater for five cows at the moment, or will you have to expand that after some time? The area for your goats will require fencing so do you have the money to build one?

If you intend starting a farming business, you’ll need to compose a whole farming business strategy. All these thoughts, accessing and dreams will help you begin with your mission statement, which is an extraordinary place to start.

6. Monitor and Reassess

Farm planning is an ongoing process and does not end as long as you own a farm. As you actualize your arrangement, you may discover it needs modifications from time to time. Each season, take out your list of dreams from stage two and plan how you want the rest of the season to look like.

Every year, take a seat with your within your farm plan and choose what you need to handle amid the coming spring, summer, and fall. If you do all these diligently, you will be on your way to having your small farm dream come true.

Make a rundown of all that you imagine on your farm- even if it is how you want it to be years from now. This is your fantasy, your optimal little farm…

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