Uses of Bleach That You Probably Do Not Know

The chlorine or bleach is a must-have product in the cleaning rooms of the home, thanks to its disinfecting and sterilizing properties, it is one of the chemicals that are always present at the time of performing a cleaning-related activity. From purifying the water to whitening garments, this substance has multiple uses that can help us to considerably increase the effects of the rest of cleaning products, or devices like pressure washers cleaners, that we generally employ.

Here are some of them:

#1 Purifies water

by adding the correct dose to water, it agilely destroys bacteria and other imperceptible microbes. At the same time, it eliminates pathogens to prevent the spread of diseases through it. Generally, the recommended dose is 8 drops per gallon of water, but everything depends on the state in which it is and the percentage of chlorine that our product possesses.

#2 Disinfects the wood

This fact is one of the most important and least known. From utensils to any wooden furniture, chlorine is effective at removing all kinds of bacteria lodged in this material. It is perfect for cleaning hardwood floors with other devices, since it eliminates the fungi and germs created by the accumulation of moisture.

#3 It can be used in the garden

If your garden is full of weeds, the solution is to apply bleach before tearing it away, since this way the soil in which it grows is directly attacked and its reproduction is avoided. Also, in large and long lands, many choose to apply chlorine in low-power high-pressure cleaners to spread it and prevent the growth of weeds or undesirable plants.

#4 Makes insect hatchery disappear

It is scientifically proven that mosquitoes procreate in stagnant water. For this reason, it is advisable to place chlorine where water is contained or there is standing water to eliminate larvae and increase their healthiness. This action is carried out, mainly, in places where there are epidemics of dengue or diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

#5 Purifies crystals and vinyl

To maintain the neatness of glassware and to sanitize vinyl-plank floors or glass windows, chlorine is ideal. It can be applied for 15 minutes on the surface or, in the case of cups and dishes can be submerged in hot water with bleach to get a perfect, clean and delicate finish.

#6 Whitens porcelain

This chemical is well known for its whitening properties, for that reason, it is essential when cleaning porcelain or tile floors, especially if they are light colors. It should be applied and let it soak the stained surface for a few minutes to leave it shiny. It should be noted that this also works for toilets and sinks.

#7 Fights fungi

Chlorine is perfect to treat the fungus that has formed in damp corners of the house and thus prevent the growth of mold. To do this, it should be spread along the surface to let stand for a few minutes and brush with a broom with thick bristles.

It is important to remember that despite the versatility of chlorine, it is a very strong and sensitive chemical product, so its handling must be done with extreme care, wearing gloves and being aware of the reactions it can cause.

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