Where to send seiko watch for repair

Where do I send my Seiko service?

SEIKO Watch of America LLC? Service Center 1111 Macarthur Boulevard, Mahwah, NJ 07430, U.S.A.

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Does Seiko refurbish watches?

If you have an old watch to repair, please contact an Authorized Seiko Service Center or a Seiko appointed dealer.

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How does Seiko warranty work?

During the guarantee period, we guarantee free repair / adjustment service against any defects on the watch head (movement and case) and metallic band, provided that the watch was used as directed in the instruction manual.

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How long is a Seiko watch warranty?

Your three year U.S. warranty protection is automatically in effect with the purchase of your Seiko Timepiece. In the event your timepiece requires service, please visit www.seikoserviceusa.com for a complete list of instructions.

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How much does it cost to replace a Seiko watch battery?

How much does it cost to replace your Seiko watch battery? To replace a Seiko watch battery usually costs about $25.

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How much does it cost to replace a Seiko Kinetic watch capacitor?

Capacitor replacement costs $94.00. This covers capacitor replacement, cleaning the case and band, light polishing of the case and band and a new back gasket.

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Should I service my Seiko?

Frequency of such work depends on the climate and the owner’s individual care of the watch, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every three years at an Authorized Seiko Service Center. Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop.

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Does Seiko watches have a lifetime warranty?

The period of the Grand Seiko worldwide warranty is five years from the date of purchase.

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Why has my Seiko Automatic watch stopped?

When the hands are stopped completely, there is a possibility of the rechargeable battery being out of charge. If this occurs, please recharge it by a window by exposing it to sunlight for 5-6 hours before using it again. In case the watch is used before a sufficient recharging, it may stop again.

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How much does it cost to service an automatic watch?

It’s safe to say that most mechanical watch services cost somewhere in the region of $100 to $1,000 depending on the watch’s complexity and what needs replacing. For example, an Oris Automatic watch will cost around $200 to service, while a Patek Philippe complication will be closer to $2,000!

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How long does a watch capacitor last?

The capacitor of the watch can last up to an average of 10 years, according to First Class Watches. The Eco-Drive watches capacitor is able to store all the energy which is used to power the watch.

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What happens if you don’t service a watch?

You could go years without ever going to a watchmaker even though the pivots in your watch are running dry, sheering, and causing build up of debris and dirt. The sheering (from the pivots running dry) thins out the pivots until it eventually snaps altogether. This could happen in several months or several years.

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How long should a Seiko watch battery last?

The manufacturer Seiko claims that with proper care, the battery of a Seiko solar watch lasts well about 10 years.

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